Japanese food

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Japanese food

Japanese Food

Sushi in Japan is a popular dish there.

This Tako-yaki. Tako-yaki is a small round shaped dumpling made from baby octopus.

This food here is Mochi. It is technically rice cakes.

In Japan, they eat a big varity of things. They eat sushi, mochi, tako-yaki, sashimi don, and fugu sashimi. They eat many more things, but these were some examples to give you an idea of the mixed things they eat. Most of them include fish or mixed greens. Any soups we eat here, are popular lunch dishes there. One thing I found they eat the most out of everything is rice and a ton of fish. To eat meals in Japan, they use chopsticks. That is commonly known to use.

One major food eaten there is Tempura. Tempura is batter-coated seafood and vegetables that are traditionally fried in sesame oil and served with a bit of salt or a dish of soy sauce flavored broth along with grated raddish for dipping. Another major food commonly eaten is Soba. Soba includes long, thin noodles and has been a long staple of Japanese cuisine. The noodles are served in either a hot, soy sauce-flavored broth or at room temperature with broth on the side for dipping.

On the right is the popular dish Tempura.

By: Emma Johnston


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