Japanese Culture

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Japanese Culture

The Cherry Blossom FestivalJapan celebrates the entire season of the cherry blossoms. There are festivals in nearly every region of Japan, and some locations, food is available or a park may be decorated with lanterns.

Fast Facts - The Cherry Blossom (Sakura in Japanese) Is the national symbol of Japan - The Japanese national anthem is one of the shortest anthems in the world. (this video shows the repeated verison)

Japanese Culture

There's 3 different kinds of clothing, Modern cothing (uniforms, suits, etc.), traditional clothing (kimonos, etc.), and the Japanese Street clothing (Decora, Lolita ,Kogal, Ganguro, etc.)

The Cherry Blossom Festival

Japanese Food

Japanese Clothing

Mostly its Seafood, but not just any seafood, poisonous seafood, which are the main cuisines, and sushi too another main cuisines are miso soup, ramen, natto, rice bowls and gyozas.


Japanese Street Fashion


Traditional Clothing

Modern Clothing

Origami, See my Other Glog mainly about Origami


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