Japanese Bobtail

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Japanese Bobtail

The Japanese Bobtail was developed in Japan. It is said that this cat brings good luck. There are records and paintings that document the existence of this cat in Japan for at least 1000 years.

As you can see, this cat has two different eye colors. Well, this referred to as heterochromia. Although it is somewhat rear, it can happen. Usually when you see this with the Japanese Bobtail you will see one eye color being amber gold and the other being a silvery blue.

They are predominantly white with a calico pattern. Its bobbed tail has a variet of kinks and curves creating a pom-pom effect-like a fingerprint.

Japanese Bobtail

Attention needs/personality:They are curious, bold, intelligent, alert, easily adjust to new people, situations, and animals. Very outgoing, and does well with children, so they are good family pets. They thrive on companionship and they are also people pleasers; they will do things like agreeing to be walked on a leash and even perform tricks.

There are no known major health problems.

Need to vocalize:The Japanese Bobtail is very vocal. People say thath it's like they are singing. They have a wide range of tones.

Grooming requirements;- Long hair bobtails need a weekly brushing- Short hair bobtails do fine with self-grooming.-moderate amount of shedding


This is the ceramic Japanese Bobtail cat that was originated in Japan and is considered a good luck charm.

The bobbed tail is caused by a mutated or recessive gene.

The average length of the bobbed tail is 4 inches.

The Japanese Bobtail cat actually has its entire vertibrae, it is just small.



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