Japanese Bento Boxes

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Japanese Bento Boxes

Oekakiben bento: food is made to look like a picture

They remind me of our "TV Dinners"

Japanese Bento Boxes

Bento boxes originated in the Kamakura Period, which was about 800 years ago (1185-1333). Today, the boxes are commonly sold in grocery stores, as well as highly crafted versions sold in department stores. Many Japanese students eat Bento boxes for lunch, either bought at the store or made at home by their parents.

-Single-serving carryout food box popular in Japanese culture-Traditionally include rice, fish or meat, as well as pickled or cooked vegetables, packaged in a box container

"Bento" means "Convenient" or "Convenience"

Kyaraben Bento: food is made to look like characters from popular cartoons


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