Japanese-American Internment

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Japanese-American Internment

In WWII, Japanese-Americans were interned into camps. These Amercians lost their homes, businesses, and livelihoods. They were taken to camps in the Western U.S. and held there for almost three years. At the end of WWII compensation for their losses were given in stipens of money, but only survivors' families were given money. Most families lost their land and it was never returned. There are still families today affected by this event, and survivors who deal with the effects everyday.

Japanese-American Internment1941-1944

There were 2 internment camps in New Mexico, one was in Santa Fe, and the other was in Southern New Mexico.

People in the camps were not able to take in cameras, kitchen utensils, or any other personal belongongs besides clothes and books.

Japanese-Americans had to sell all they had to prevent the state of which they lived, from taking their belongings.

In 1944 Japanse-Americans were released. In 1945 they were allowed to sue the government for damaged and lost property.

Many Americans were prejudice towards people of Japanese ancestry becasue of Pearl Harbor.


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