Japanese American Internment Camps

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Japanese American Internment Camps

Japense-American Internment Camps 1942During WWII, Franklin D. Roosevelt issued a excecutive order to imprison and organize Japense-Americans into interment camps out of fear for Japense attack. This was after the Pearl Harbor attack so this excecutive order was reactionary to that event.

1) Was the internment of Japanese-Americans constitutional or unconstitutional?2) Why and how were Japanese-Americans interned in camps?3) What was daily life like for a Japanese-American interned in the camps?

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Japenese-American Internment Camps

By Jessica Bailes

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This act was uncontitutional because 2/3 or the Japense that were interned were also American. This violates how all American citizens should be treated equally and without discrimination based on race

WWII created increased nationalism within America. Many minoruty groups were highly discriminalized out of fear. This discrimination was hightened after the attack on Pearl Harbor when Japense kamikaze attacked and killed hundreds of American soldiers.The Japenese Internment camps were reactionary to the attack on Pearl Harbor which created fear within the U.S

Internment camps were sealed off with barbed wire and were often over crowded. The over crowed area made the camps very unsanitary. Also, family life was disrupted because children were encouraged to spent tme away from the family and parental authority quickly diminished. The massive dissent in the Japense-Americans cause riots and violence to often break out in camps



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