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Social Studies

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Physical CharacteristicsSince Japan is located in the Ring of Fire the land is particularly mountainous with about 3 fourths of Japan's land is mountains. There is good farmland in Japan. Some natural resources that Japan has are very small amounts of oil, and coal, there is also some copper, zinc, iron, lead, rice

LocationIt is located in Asia. The body of water to the north is the Sea Okhotsk, the south is the East China Sea, the west is the Sea of Japan and to the east is the Pacific Ocean. A major ocean nearby is the Pacific Ocean. Some major rivers in Japan are, the Ishikari, the Teshio, and the Iwaki. Some major lakes in Japan are, the Biwa, the Kasumigaura, and the Saroma. Japan is in the Northern hemisphere and is north of the equator.


This is Japan's Flag

This is a map of Japan.

Population The population of Japan is approximently 128 million with the population density being about 337 people per square kilometre. Japan's capital city is Tokyo and it's population is about 13 million which is about 37% of the entire population of Canada. Japan is more crowded than Canada because Canada's population density is only about 4 people per square kilometre.

Flora and Fauna Here is 2 fauna from Japan, the Japanese Macaque which can cope with temperatures as cold as -20 degrees celsius, and the Japanese Giant Salamander which can grow up to 1.5m in length. 2 examples of flora in Japan are, Sakura/Cherry Blossom (pictured below) which is a tree that grows cherry blossoms, and the Katsura Tree which is a tree that can reach 45m high and has short stems and closely spaced leaves.

This is Tokyo

<-----------Sakura/Cherry Blossom


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