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Social Studies

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General InformationPopulation: 126,818,019Age-Sex Chorts: ~ 0-14: M: 6.8% F: 6.4% ~ 15-64: M: 31% F: 31% ~ 65+: M: 11.2% F: 14.6%Capital City: TokyoGovernment: Consistuation Monarchy Densities: ~Arithmetic: 349 ~Physiological: 7,953% of Pop. in urban/rural areas: ~Urban: 91.3% ~Rural: 8.3%

Geographic InformationAdvantages of Locaiton: ~ Hard for land attacks ~ Many ports ~ Large MarketDisadvantages of Location: ~ Isolated ~ Few Natural Resources

Development and Economic InformationHDI: 0.8; Rank: 17thGDI: 0.951; Rank: 79thPop. in Primary Sector: >5%Pop. in Secondary Sector: 29.5 %Pop. in Tertiary Sector: 64.3%GDP Per Capita: $37,432.91 (USD)Income Distribution: 37.6; Rank 76thMajor Imports: Petroleum, Oil, Natural Gas, other Natural Resources, etc.Exports: Cars, Semiconductors, and SteelIndustries: Auto, Steel, and TechnologiesAccessibility to Consumer Goods:High Access; Rank 16thNo assisstence from World Bank to IMF

Demographic Information:Life Expectancy: 83 yearsIMR: 2.13NIR: -0.2%

Social Information:Religions: 83.9% Shinto and 71.4% BuddistEthnic Groups: 98.5% Japanese and 0.5% KoreanLanguage: ~100% JapaneseLiteracy Rate: 99% Male and Female (99% Overall)Average School Years: Male and Female: 15 years (15 years Overall)No major ethnic disputes

Analysis:1. Stage 5 of the DTM; Their CDR is higher than their CBR because people are working more their careers than families2. 9.3% of GDP their government pays for some of the expenses3. They can feed people but there is a huge strain because of the high physiological density4. Stage 5 of Rostow's Model; There are many service jobs in Japan

Fun Facts:1. Mt. Fuji is an active volcano2. Sumo is Japan's national sport3. A Japanese Nobel Women wrote the first novel "Tale of Genji"4. There are 1,500 earthquakes per year5. 50,000 Japanese are over 100 years old

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