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Social Studies

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Yokoso! Nippon

Basic Information

Capital: TokyoPopulation: 140 millionLanguages: JapaneseGovernment: Constitutional Monarchy : The Emperor is a symbolic leader, but they also have a parliament and prime-minister (Shinzo Abe) who makes political decisions for the country.Area:140,000 square milesGDP: $36,619 Currency: Yen


Primary education in Japan begins at the age of six and lasts for six years. Lower secondary school lasts for three years, followed by three or four years in an academic upper secondary school or three years in a vocational school.

Japan has a temperate, humid climate throughout the year, although the northern parts of the country are cold in the winter and the southern islands are mild. January and February are the coldest months, and June and September the hottest. Typhoons and heavy rains occur frequently during the summer.ere


Etiquette and good manners are extremely important to the Japanese people. They do not contradict what a person says in public conversation but instead find a roundabout way to express their opinion in a positive way. Japanese people greet each other with a bow, although they may shake hands with Westerners. It is extremely important that the person of lower status bows lower than the person of higher status and remains bowed longer. One bows from the waist, with the arms straight at the sides.




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