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Social Studies

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By: Rafael Moscoso

Japan is divided into forty seven prefectures (regions), and each prefecture is divided into towns, cities and villages. Japan has 6 climatic regions, this greatly influences what economic activity occurs in an area.

Japan is located between latitudes 24° and 46°N, and longitudes 122° and 146°E, this includes all of the islands it controls. Japan’s relative location is to the East of China, North and South Korea, and Russia.

Locationand Regions

73 percent of Japan is densely forested, meaning that the space for industry, residence and agriculture is limited. As a result, the habitable areas are heavily populated.

Despite 73% of the land being densely populated, Japan has a very high industrial capacity. It is the home of many producers of vehicles. Japans main exports are transportation equipment, motor vehicles, chemicals, electronics and electrical machinery, Its main imports are machinery, equipment, fossils fuels, chemicals and textiles for its industries.

Interaction with the environtment is big in Japan. Steel and other metals are mined. Rice is farmed and waters are fished for food.




Human-Nature Interaction

Many people migrate to Japan. Many Peruvians, and Brazilians( from Japanese descent), Chinese, and Koreans form a small part of the population.

Japan is also located in the Ring of Fire, so it has plenty of powerful earthquakes. As a response to this, Most of Japan’s buildings are built to withstand up to a certain magnitude.


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