Japan Tsunami

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Japan Tsunami

Japan Tsunami 2004

The disaster that happened here in Japan is something I will never forget. Almost 276,000 people lost their lives. Luckily, I survived. But unfortunately, I am one of the many children who lost their parents due to this tragedy.

The begining of December 26th was just like any other day. My parents decided that we would go out for the day. I walked away from them for what seemed to be five minutes. When I went looking for them, I ended up finding something else. A huge "wave" coming towards the town. It destroyed everything and anyone in its path.

The earthquake that caused the tsunami was located in the Indian Ocean with a 9.0 magnitude

Before & After

Japan, along with other countries along the Indian Ocean, lost a lot. But people from around the world came together to help out to rebuild and restore the countries and its people.


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