Japan Imprerialism

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Japan Imprerialism

Sphere of InfluenceThey took control of parts of China and Korea just for profits and power and did not colonize

''It is Japan's mission to be supreme in Asia, the South Seas and eventually the four corners of the world.''-General Sadao Araki

Japan Imperialism

Effects of the Imperialism on the people, land and Economy

The most MAJOR area imperialized was China.Japan also had plans to imperialize Korea and did successfully imperialize islands near by it (Hokkaido and Okinawa)

These areas were imperialized for profits and power. Japan imperialied parts of Korea for raw materials, farmland, and security. And, more impactful was there imperialization of parts of China, for raw materials, market, farmland (Same thing but on a bigger scales ---> wars and more land). These actions were driven by racism and the idea of Social Darwinism.


What form of Imperialism

Key Dates

1868- Emperor Mutsushito was restored to the throne (adoption of western ways and meiji restoration)4/17/1895- Japanese defeat the Chinese in the Sino-Japanese War for natural resources and trading rights9/5/1905- Defeat of Russians over asian territory in the Russo-Japanese War 9/5/1905- treaty of portsmouth signed1940- the idea of the ‘Greater East Asian Co-Prosperity Sphere’ emerged, asian unification under JapanSummer 1931- First move made, invasion of Manchuria


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Why were these areasImperialized

What places where Imperialized

Who Imperialized

How was power maintained in this region

The Tokugawa shogunate was criticized and ultimately overthrown for allowing western nations into Japan. After being overthrown, Emperor Mutsushito came to power and brough the Meiji Restoration Period. During this period Japan had lost it's fear of imperialization and embraced it and started using the idea themselves. European powers did not dominate Japan at the time however, Japan did have to fight Russia in the Russo-Japan War because they did dominate over China, the biggest region Japan was trying to Imperialize.

Power was maintained in the regions by asserting dominance and using Japans military and political power. They had fought wars to maintain and expand there land and came up with the idea of Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere

The effects of Imperialism varied. Japan did spread it's culture to some extent but they didn't make an impact with there culture because that was not there goal. There goal was simply to make profits not spread there belief systems and traditions. Imperialism effected Japans land because for a certain period of time it expanded it and it did permanently expand it in the sense that they don't have China or Korea anymore but they got islands out of the Imperialism movement. Economically speaking, Between 1928 and 1932, Japan faced domestic crisis due to the Great Depression however Imperialism allowed them to take over numerous areas and utilize the area for profits and power which in the end did economically benefit them.


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