Japan: Geography and Its Impact

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Japan: Geography and Its Impact

Japan: Georaphy and Its Impact Notes *Directions: Read and copy the diagram in your notes. Japan's geography has and continues to have a large impact on all aspects of its development. Throughout history, it has been influenced in many ways by neighboring countries and cultures.Korean travelers and missionaries first brought ideas from the Chinese civilization to Japan. Later, groups of Japanese went to China to study its culture for themselves. The Japanese adapted features from China to make them part of their own culture.

Resources: 1. Geography of Japan. MrZoller. YouTube. 2012. 2015. (Link provided on Glog.)2. Religion of Japan. Global Nomands Group. YouTube. 2009. 2015. (Link provided on Glog.)3. "Influences of Korea and China on Japan." McDougal Littell/Houghton Mifflin Company. 71. Online.


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Geography and Its Impact



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Resource:Influence on Korea and China on Japan

Photo Resource: National Geographic

Photo Resource: viator.com

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Photo Resource: japan-guide.com


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