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Capital: Tokyo

Government: Constitutional Monarchy

Climate: In January the temperature is 30 degrees F. In July it's 70.5 degrees F. The annual precipitation is 52 inches. There is a lot of mountains and forests.

Location: 36 degrees N 138 degrees E. It lies across various bodies of water from Russia, North and South Korea, and China

Currency: yen

Language: Japanese

Important products: cars, video games, computers, consumer electronics, steel, and textiles.

Important people: Sesshu famous for being a very good black ink artist. Akio Morita confounder of Sony Corporation.

Population: 127,704,000

Size: 145,902 sq. miles

popular sports: sumo wrestling, golfing, tennis, bowling, bad minton, swimming.

Current Events: Japan's prime minister announces that a U.S. military base will stay in Okinawa. 1945 U.S. drops an atomic bomb on Japan.

Popular dishes: rice, sushi, Kayu, and Yakitori.

Famous landmarks: Horyuii Temple, Kinkakuji Temple, and the Grand Shrine of Ise.



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