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[2015] Rebecca Lanovaz: Japan



The average temperate in Japan ranges from -1 degrees Celsius to 9 degrees Celcius. The warmest month is August, and the coldest month is January. June is the month where it rains the most. The average amount of precipitation per year is 1668 mm. Just like Canada, Japan has four seasons.



Japan has two types of government. Japan has a parliamentary system much like Canada, in which people don't vote for the prime minister or president directly. Instead, people elect different people to be in the legistative branch of the government, called the Diet. The Diet then elects a prime minister from themselves. Japan also has a type of government called constitutional monarchy, where they have an Emperor, but his power is limited and he has nothing to do with the government.The current Emperor in Japan is Akihito, and the current Prime Minister is Shinzō Abe

Way of Life

Some Japanese Words

Because of its imense population, Japan's streets are very crowded and it is hard to get around in urban areas. Bicycles and pedestrians try to make it around in the busy streets, fighting for space to move. If there wasn't such strict rules, people would be at each others throats and it would be chaotic. Despite all the people, Japan's cities are actually quite clean. There is very little graffiti, and when graffiti is found, it usually says things like "Follow your dreams!" and other positive messages. Life in rural Japan is a little different than life in urban Japan. It is less crowded, but it is still densely populated. All throughout Japan, people have a very unique style of fashion. When most people think of traditional Japanese clothing, they think of the Kimono (which actually translates to the word "clothing"). A kimono is usually only worn for ceremonial reasons. There are three different types of kimonos: the Yukata, the Tomesode, and the Furisode. The Furisode is a formal kimono worn by unmarried women. They are colourul with bright patterns and are made of fine silk. The Tomesode kimono is a kimono worn by older, married women. The sleeves are shorter, and the colours and patterns are more subtle. The last kimono of the three is the Yukata. The Yukata is a summer casual type of kimono, and is worn by both men and women. Many people think of Japan's amazing street fashion when they think of the country. One of the most popular types of fashion is Cosplay, which is dressing up similarly to one of your favorite manga, anime, video game, or fantasy characters. Cosplay fans, or "cosplayers", consider cosplaying to be a hobby, and there are many cosplay contests. Bright colours and cute clothes are also popular styles in Japan. People have colourfully dyed and wear a lot of happy neon colours and pastel colours. Each outfit is full of uniqueness and fun, and brings out a kid-like style. While there are lots of people who think of Japanese fashion when they think of Japan, lots of others think of thing like anime and manga. Anime is Japanese animation products featuring hand-drawn or computer animation. anime in Japan means all of the animation, but outside of Japan, anime seems to mean animation from Japan, or a Japanese-like animation. Anime is quite popular, and many cosplyers dress up as characters from animes. Many animes have ben based on manga. Manga is like the Japanese version of graphic novels. The pages are usually read right to left instead of left to right.


Economically, Japan is one of the most highly devolped nations and the 5th largest importer and exporter in the world, despite having limited natural resources. Japan is a big exporter of technology. Familliar brands like Toyota, Sony, Fujifilm, and Panasonic are all Japanese brands. Vehicles are one of the main exports. Japan is also the largest exporter of coal and liquefied natural gas, and the second largest exporter of oil. Japan's largest import is also oil. Other imports include electronic equipment, ores, and precious metals. Agriculture, forestry, and fishing form most of the industry part of the Japanese economy. Because of the population, there is a shortage of land for farmalnd, but since there is the perfect enviroment for the crops, there are many farms. The average farm in japan has an area of only 3 acres. The majority of crops in this country is rice.

J-Pop is a very popular type of music in Japan. Here's an example of J-Pop music:



Japan is made up of 6852 islands, in which only 430 are inhabited. The four main islands are Honshu, Hokkaido, Shikoku, and Kyushu. About four-fifths of Japan is mountainous or hilly area. The other fifth of Japan is plains and flatland. The tallest mountain in Japan is Mount Fujiyama (also known as Mount Fuji), which is 12,389 feet high. The rivers in Japan are generally short and swift. Shinano is the longest river in Japan, and is about 230 miles long. Many of the rivers are used for hydroelectric power. The top 5 major cities in Japan are Tokyo, Yokohama, Osaka, Nagoya, and Sapporo. The population of Tokyo, the largest city and the capital, is 8.5 million.

Pronouced: "Nihon"

Population: 126.9 millionCapital City: TokyoContinent: AsiaLanguage: JapaneseArea: 377,944 sq. km.

Basic Facts

Hello - Kon'nichiwaThank You - ArigatoSorry - Gomen'nasaiGoodbye - SayonaraWow! - Segoi!Hey - NeeGood Morning - Ohayo

Popular foods:- rice-sushi- sashimi- udon- ramen- yakitori- miso soup- tempura



The population of Japan is currently 126.9 million. 51.35% of the population are women while the other 48.65% are men. Japan has the eleventh highest population in the world. There are two main religions in Japan: Shinto and Buddhism. Confucianism is also one of the larger religions in Japan. Christianity is not a popular religion in this country. The main language in Japan is Japanese. The different ways to write in Japanese are kanji, hiragana, and katakana.


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