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January News

Third Grade News

Mrs. Pasola's ClassJanuary 2012





January 13th...early dismissalJanuary 16th...no school

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We continue to learn about Multiplication. Please make sure your child is practicing multiplication facts! Multiplication rings should be used every night. We almost have all our Multiplication Monsters on our wall. Everyone gets excited to see what the new monster will be! Our next math adventure will be learning about time and all sorts of ways to collect and present data.

We published another personal narrative and have began our Realistic Fiction Unit. This unit will show how fiction writers draw their inspiration and material from real life. We are creating our own authentic realistic fiction stories. The pre-writing is done and we are set to draft! Ask your child about his/her character, setting , problem and solution. Please make sure to reinforce bold beginnings, exciting endings and adding lots of detail when your child writes at home. Grab the readers' attention!

We continue to read and read and read! :) Some upcoming skills and strategies are: Cause/Effect, Author's Purpose, Drawing Conclusions, Story Structure, Summarizing and Asking Questions. The Snowman Book Reports were incredible! Thanks for all your support! Everyone is very proud of their work and will enjoy presenting them. Using the TREES Strategy to answer open ended questions has been going very well. The students are really learning what a "WOW" answer is!

We are still in outer space and plan to arrive back shortly. Everyone is enjoying learning about the mysterious space world and has lots of schema to share. The students picked a favorite planet to research and created a Photo Story with the information learned. We just need to record our voices and they will be done!

Mystery Reader Thank You to...Mrs. BartoneMrs. FlynnMrs. Puharic

Happy Birthday!



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