jane graves ring-tailed lemur

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jane graves ring-tailed lemur

Ring-tailed Lemur

Common name- Ring-tailed LemurScientific name- Lemur cattaThey are white and black. More grayish. Known for their long tails.


Natural History

Live native only on the south end of Madagascar. Are the most ground-loving lemurs. Omnivores. Female dominant.Most social. Sleep in troops up to 30. In the daytime split in troops of about 15.Females are only in heat for 4 hours.Average 1 baby. Occasionally twins.

Current Status

‘Near Threatened’ since 2008, by the IUCN.10,000- 100,000 in the wild.2,000 of them can be found in zoos worldwide.One reason for their reduction is deforestation of their homes. Another, is the dryness in southern Madagascar. A lot of the times it is drought weather and they cannot reproduce as well. One last reason is people killing them for food, or trying to keep them as pets.

Recovery Plan

The ring-tailed lemur is protected at many national parks, trying to regain their numbers. Madagascar has sent lemurs around the world to zoos. They reproduce better in captivity.



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