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Jane Goodall

I choose Jane Goodall because she has made a big impact on the knowledge of Chimpanzees. Jane Goodall has made a big impac t on the way the world thinks today. I read biograhies because it helps us learn about other people's lives and the difference they made in the world today.

Jane Goodall lived in Tanzania, England, London and France. Jane had always enjoyed the presence of animals in her life. Jane always observed the wildlife aroud her. Once when she was little she went in to the hen house and observed a chicken that was about to lay an egg. She was in there for many hours. Her mother was about to report report that she was missing. When Jane's mother was about to call the police Jane ran into the house. Jane's life dream was to go to Africa and observe animals in the forests. Jane Goodall made a club with her friends when she was little. It was called the Alligator Club. Jane, Judy , Sue Carry and Sally were apart of this club. They couldn't go to Africa or the zoo since they were very far away, so they observed wildlife close to the house. The Alligator club started the begining of Jane Goodall's adventure and observations.


1934 - Jane is born1957 - she sails to Africa1960 - Jane is at Gombe1964 - Jane marries Hugo Van Lawick1967 - son, Hugo Eric Louis (Grub) is born1977 - Jane establishes the Jane Goodall Institute for Wildlife research

Awards: Jane Goodall won 81 awards and 2 of them are the International Peace award and Hubbard Medal.Books: Jane Goodall wrote 114 books and one of the most popular books she wrote was In The Shadow Of Man.Namesakes: Jane Goodall was named after 2 schools one was the Jane Goodall Institute of Canada.Corporation: Jane goodall made a corporation called Roots and Shoots. Roots and Shoots is an educational and enviormental program that gets students involved in projects that promote care and concern for all animal and the enviorment. This program started in 1991. This program formed in all 50 states and in 50 countries all around the world.

Her Impact

Jane Goodall has given us the knowledge of our closest primates, the Chimpanzees. She still lives today at the age of 80

Her Connection with Animals

Jane's Life

Jane Goodall

Roots and Shoots

The Chimpanzees

Jane Goodall had named each Chimanzee she saw. Their names were Goliath the leader, David Greybeard the tool using chimp, Passion, Flo the mother of Fifi and Frodo 2 baby chimps. Jane's breakthrough in research was when David Greybeard used a piece of grass as bait to get termites for his meal. Goliath is a very agressive chimpanzee that wants to be the leader of the group. Also Jane Goodall found out that Chimpanzees are ominavores. One day Flo killed a baby wart hog and fed it to her babies. These were the most amazing information and science about our closest primates.

My Biography

Mr. Louis Leakley is a man who had hired Jane to look for fossels at first. After he saw what she was capable of, he assigned her to Gombe to study Chimpanzees. This is how her career and life long dream had begun.

Jane's Education

Jane went to Newham and Darwin Colleges in Cambridge.


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