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Jane Goodall

Role Models “Her early models are: Herbert Goodall, a businessperson and motor-racing enthusiast, and the former Margaret Myfanwe Joseph, who wrote novels under the name Vanne Morris Goodall. Along with her sister, Judy, Goodall was reared in London and Bournemouth, England”- Accoriding to her biography.

InterestsAccording to the biography of Jane “Goodall attended the Uplands private school, receiving her school certificate in 1950 and a higher certificate in 1952”. Once she turned 18 she decided to leave school and begin a career at Oxford University as a secretary. Jane even went to Cambridge University and in her free time she would work with a film company to save money so that she could travel to Africa to work in the wild with chimpanzees.

BackgroundJane Goodall was born on April 3, 1934. She grew up in London, England. Jane decided she wanted to study wild chimpanzees so she went to Tanzania. She observed the chimps very closely and started to discover fascinating things about them. Jane learned that she was more interested in chimps than she had thought by watching their every move and using scientific ideas to understand them. It is said that "she is a highly respected member of the world scientific community and is a staunch advocate of ecological preservation".

Contribution to the fieldJane Goodall had worked so much with chimps that she eventually published 5 major books and some articles of all her experiences with the animals. Jane received great recognition for her work and was considered to be a “celebrity” in the science world. She wrote a book called ‘In the Shadow of Man’ in 1971 and the book was mainly about the study of chimps, their real life situations and actions, and not what they were thought to have been. Her book really gave the audience a view into the lives of the chimpanzees in a more realistic approach.

Motivation for ScienceJane started to love animals at a very early age. She was a very environmental science girl who loved to watch the birds outside, whether they ate or just flew by. Jane would keep a journal or log of the things the birds would do as she observed them and drew pictures to represent what she had seen. She even read books related to animals and their characteristics and lifestyles. Jane was very well into animals and nature growing up.

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Science PhilosophyJane learned over the years that chimpanzees have a very complicated lifestyle and behave a certain way because of the way they use their communication skills. Chimps use a language system in which they are known to bang on their chest, yell really loud, and seem to show very outstanding body language and facial expressions. The fact of the matter is their primitive language contains more than about 20 different sounds. Jane has been known to capture the chimps at their rarest moments like when they ate meat for their very first time and other things that hadn’t been seen before. Jane spent long hours getting to know the chimps that she could have recorded things people thought chimps weren’t capable of.

Jane GoodallThe woman who redefined man


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