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Jane Goodall

Jane Goodall

Symbols1. Stuffed monkey- given to her at a young age and may have sparked her love for chimps2. Binoculars- tool she used to first observe the chimps3. Notebook and Pen- she recorded the chimps behavior4.Goodall Institute Symbol- the institute she founded to protect apes5.Endangered Animal Sign- she wants to protect endangered animlas6. Chimp- represents everything she has done to learn more about chimps

Personal Life-Born April 3, 1934-Interest in animlas began as a child-Married Hugo van Lawick in 1964- Had her son Grub in 1967-Remarries to Derek Bryceson in 1975

Professional Life-Traveled to Africa when she was 23-Found that the chimps were very timid at first-Was slowly able to get closer to the chimps-Found that they acted much like humans

Current Life- Lives in London, England- 80 years old- Continues to give speeches on protecting apes and their habitat

Conflicts1. When WWII broke out, her family would have to move multiple times. 2. When she first started observing the chimps, they were very timid and would run from her. overtime they got used to her and allowed her to come closer.3. Many ethologists critizied her work and said she had too much of an emotional attachment towards the chimps but she didnt let that bother her.

Character Traits1. Persistant- Everyday, she would go to the same spot, wearing the same clothes in order for the chimps to get used to her2. Patient- She had a slow observational style, sitting and waiting for long periods of time3. Brave- Even when a chimp became aggresive, she would stand her ground and never run in fear.


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