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Jane Goodall

Jane was born on April 3, 1934 in London. She grew up in England with her mother, an author, and her father, an engineer. Her father gave her a stuffed chimpanzee toy named Jubilee as a gift which began her passionate love for animals. Her dream was to go to Africa to study them.She had no college education, but she worked as a secretary and waitress to save money so she could fulfill her dream of going to Africa.By the age of 23, Jane made it to Africa where archaeologist Louis Leakey took her on as his secretary. After her secretarial duties were over, he let her take on the start to his Chimpanzee project on the Gombe National Reserve in Tanzania.


Jane has studied animal research for 52 yearsShe is the world's expert on chimpanzeesShe founded Roots & Shoots which is a youth program dedicated to make a differences for people, animals, and the enviornment Jane is a UN Messenger of PeaceShe has written 24 books and been a part of 18 films



Jane Goodall


One of Eight

Jane had to over come many obstacles as a female scientist. She has to first work as a secretary before getting a chance to do research of her own.Her education was encouraged by Louis Leaky, which later led her to become one of eight people to get a Ph.D. without a bachelors degree


"banana club"- a feeding method for chimapnzees-This method allowed Jane to gain trust of the animals and study them closer than anyone ever had.-She made the first recorded observations of chimpanzees eating meat and using and making tools

Where is Jane Today?

Jane Goodall is a highly respected member of the large community of scientists! She continues to support causes to preserve the ecosystem


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