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Jane Goodall


Janegoodall studyed chimpanzes and monkeys in Africa in summer 1960.she once saw a chimpanze eat a Baby bush pig when all pepole thinked that chimpanzes where vegaterins.She was in fiction movies of her studying chimpazes.

Jane Goodall was known for her passion on chimpanzees. She was an English primatoloigistan anthropologist and UN Messenger of peace. She is best known for her 55 years of study of social and family interactions of wild chimpanzees in Gombe National Streamn Park.She is the founder of the Jane Goodall Institute and th Roots & Shoots program. She has worked on conservation and animal welfarre issues. She has served on the board of the Nonhuman Rights Project since its founding in 1996.

She changed our world by studying chimpanzes and monkeys when we all think that they were mad, crazedapes .When she was done studying people started to believe that chimpnazes and monkeys were no harm to people.

Born Arpil 3rd 1934(81) London United kingdom,Notobleawrds KYto prize 1990,Hubbard metal 1995, Tyler prize for environnental achievement 1997, DoB 2004Alma MaterNewnham College, Cambridge Darwin College, CambridgeKnown for study of chimpanzees, conservastion and animal welfareNotable Kyoto Prize(1990)Hubbard(1995)Tyler Prize for Environmental Achievement(1997)DBE (2004)

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Fun FactsJane had always loved animals and Africa. As a child she was given a lifelike chimpanzee toy named Jubilee by her father. Her fondness for the toy started her early love of animals. Today the toy still sits on her dresser in London. As she writes in her book "reason for Hope". Jane and her sister Judith share the same birthday even though they are 4yrs apart.When studying the chimpanzees she gave each one a unique name that reflected their personalities. For example she named one David Greybeard because he had a grey chin Other names included Gigi, Mr. McGregor, Goliath, Flo and Frodo.She learned that the chimps expressed emotions such as sadness, anger, and joy. Chimpanzees communicate through sounds, calls, touch, body language and facial expressions. There is a craving of chimp David Greybeard on the tree of life at Disney Worlds Animal Kingdom theme park. Next to it is a plaque on honor of Jane.

Jane and her toy Chimpanzee JUbilee given to her by her father.


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