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Jane Goodall

Jane Goodalls Discoveries include the founding of the Nim Chimskey language which is a monkey language consisting of 30 different sounds. She also found out that Monkeys are omnivores and that they stalk prey like alot of carnivores. She even witnessed that some monkeys even practice cannibalism. She invented the Banana club which is a feeding system that teaches trust to the monkeys. She also discovered that man were not the only ones to practice tool making but also chimps!


Jane Goodall

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During her childhood, she fell in love with a life size stuffed animal monkey that her father gave to her as a child. Before her father knew it, her favorite movies were Tarzan and Dr. Doolittle and she was falling in love with animals. As a teenager she found out that her friend had lived in Kenya on a farm and she invited Jane to her farm and Jane was all for it. That is what caught her interest in Africa nad effected the job that she now has today.

Something had to spark Jane Goodall's interest in monkeys and it all starts with her childhood. Her father gave her a life size monkey and that made her interested in them. Before anyone knew it, she fell in love with them, making her favorite movies Dr. Doolittle and Tarzan due to her love for them.


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She went to college at Cambridge University, Darwin College, and Newnham College.

Jane Goodall had lived in Africa for 31 years doing research on Monkeys and lerning about them and their environment in Tanzania, Kenya, and more.

Her Studies with Chimpanzees!


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