[2015] Eva Grein (Prior Block 3/4 14-15, All Blocks 14-15): Jane Goodall

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[2015] Eva Grein (Prior Block 3/4 14-15, All Blocks 14-15): Jane Goodall

Jane Goodall

ChildhoodJane Goodall was born on April 3 ,1934. She was born in London, England. Jane lives with her sister Judy, her mom,Vanne and dad, Mortimier. She always has loved chimps and she had a stuffed one named Jubilee. Jane always dreamed about going to Africa. She loved to read but disliked school. Jane loved to study animals in the wild at an young age and her parents always encouraged her.

College YearsAt 23, Jane went to secretary school. She was bored sitting in an office all day, she wanted to go outside and explore! Finally she was assinged an amazing job. She gets to work for Louis Leakey as an secretary! Louis is an anthropologist. Soon after that Leakey relized Jane had a love for studying animals and nature. He encouraged Jane to study chimps. First she only studied in zoos but soon enough she started a journey of 50 years. They both thought studying chimps would only take 3 years.

By Eva Grein

AchivementsWhen Jane went to college she got a PH.D in anthropology, which was the first long term study ever at that time. Later on she started the Jane Goodall institute to help chimps. Jane has always been honered and known for her commitment and protection. She has written 5 books. Her first book was published in 1999.

Adventures in AfricaJane was eventually invited to Kenya by a high school friend and she found a job in Nairobi. She stayed there three weeks and had an amazing time. After she found a job with Leakey she is living in Tanzania. Jane travels up to 300 days a year!


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