Jane Eyre

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Jane Eyre

Jane Eyre - an intelligent girl who faces oppostions against individuals because of her class and how she depends on others. She has a thirst for independence because of these individuals making her a stronger person.Mr. Rochester - owner of Thornfield, a forceful and rash character in the story, he is passionate for Jane and sympathetic because of his short lived marriage with Bertha.St. John Rivers - a cold, controlling person, strictly devoted to his faith. He believes that Jane would be suited to work in a missionary, then, asking Jane to marry him.Helen - Jane's best friend, she holds a strong faith that compassion for others, even accepting the harsh punishments at Lowood.Mr. Brocklehurst - the hypocritcal headmaster of Lowood who preaches morals but steals all the money from the school for his own benefit.Mrs. Temple - the kind superintendent at Lowood, treating the children with cheese and bread, even with the small supplies of food. She has the compassion that Jane has as she grows.Mrs. Reed - is a cruel aunt who benefits her own children more than Jane, even though she promised Mr. Reed she wouldn't. She refuses to apologize to her, even on her deathbed.Bessie - the servant at Gateshead, she's the only kindness Jane receives at Gateshead.


Theme: Love vs Independence

Theme: Autonomy will not be lost after affection and love.

Jane Eyre

Charlotte Brontë

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Jane's main conflict of the story describes her love for Mr. Rochester but realizes that his marital status has been taken by a deranged women, Bertha. Her moral responsibility to God rejects the idea of being in a marriage with two wives but stills wants to become his mistress since he gives affection. Except, this would make her lose her trust from God. She couldn't accept the very idea to live in sin with Rochester and she has to choose affection or morals.



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