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Jane Colden

Scientific Contribuition

Background and Motivation

Jane Colden1724-1766

Role Models

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Jane experienced one major difficulty when meeting with colleagues: Native Americans were often hostile and it was not entirely safe to arrange meetings. Also after marrying, Jane's work came to an end. However, it all paid off! After six years of naming plants, Jane began to see her terminology in printed books.

Colden, born in America, was daughter to a famous botanist named Cadwaller Colden. She grew up around many plants, and was intrigued from the early age of ten. With his support, she was able to become America's first female botanist by age 30! Today she is gaining fame as America's first female Botanist, and has had books written about her accomplishments.

Jane helped change the plant-naming system from polynomials to binomials (plants would only be described in two words). This means that she helped create shorter Latin names for the plants.

Jane's father, Cadwaller, initally inspired Jane to take up botany, and she learned a lot from him from an early age. Jane also worked with William Bartam and Samuel Bard who were of great influence. Jane's closest colleague, however, was Peter Kalm who worked closely with her as they came up with the binomial naming system.

Working Conditions and Roadblocks


Why naming plants is important


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