Jane Addams

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Jane Addams

Hull-House, first built in Chicago and was the home of Jane Addams (' Ellen Starr). She provided a social residence where immigrants of diverse communities gathered to learn, to eat, and to discuss how to establish their home roots into an integrated society.

Jane Addams Education ' Learning

Family figures understood the importance of education, reading and accomplishment.Father - John. H. AddamsStep-Mother - Anna Haldeman

Jane read and gained alot of her knowledge from important writers. She also surrounded herself with like-minded people.

Paulina Davis - 1st Women's rights activist

A mass of her education was based of the Quaker Values - the religious learning of friends within movement groups.

Jane travelled to Europe, overcome her opressed gender and gained experience from people she pulled together.

Jane Addams saw education as the foundation for democracy. She also argued for women’s suffrage and for the peaceful resolution of international conflicts

Awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1931

She believed women had been educated away from life; "somewhere in the process of 'being educated' they had lost that simple and almost automatic response to the human appeal, that healthful reaction resulting in activity from the mere presence of suffering or of helplessnesS " (p. 44). She was convinced that an adequate education should not be "disconnected from the ultimate test of the conduct it inspired" (p.46).

- Born into a middle class family- Her Mother died when she was 2- Became educated and literate due to Father- Shy and timid, never physically active


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