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Jane Addams

Jane Addams9/6/1860-5/21/1935

Growing Up-Born in thriving family in Northern Illinois, youngest of eight but later on half her siblings died.-Mother died when she was 2-At age 4 suffered from turburculosis in the spine which lead to Pott's disease causing a curvature in her spine and lifelong of health problems making it hard to connect with other kids and felt as an embarresment of father(adored father)-Father John Addams who was a agricultural business man and owned many assets and was the president of the 2nd national bank in Freeport. He was also founding member of Illinois republican party and a illinois state senato(1855-70)

Career-Inspired to take care of poor people after reading Dickens(passionate reader)-Father had her get a degree at Rockford Famle Seminary-father passed away giving each child$50,000(1.23 million today)-Traveled studying medicine but returned home in jun 1887 due to health and bacem depressed-1888 cisited mens university and say their Setllement house and was inspired-1889 Addams and friend Ellen Starr cofounded Hull house, a setllement house in chincago from a run down mansion-1919 foundedthe Womens International League for Freedom and Peace; for foundation was the second women in histroy in 1931 to recieve nober peace prize(1/2 share)

Hull HouseBased on Settlement houses. Settlement house-a space within which unexpected cultural connnections could be made. Doubled as communitry central and social service facilities-First Hull house in chicago from run down mansion-Residence to 25 women, visited each sweek by 2,000-Eventually became a 14 building complex-After 120 yrs closed spring in 2012-helped 60,000 in chicago area-Mostly supported females and children/young adults.-Served as community recreation center to help impoverished get back on feet.

"Unless our conception of patriotism is progressive, it cannot hope to embody the real affection and the real interest of the nation."

"The good we secure for ourselves is precarious and uncertain until it is secured for all of us and incorporated into our common life."

Today-Eventually became a 14 building complex-After 120yrs closed spring in 2012 STATISTICS:-helped 60,000 in chicago area-19% services-16% job training-12% community schools-12% child welfare-11% housing-1/5 clients 0-5yrs, 1/5 6-10 yrs, 1/5 11-17, 2/3 female


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