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Jane Adams

-She is daughter of a businessman and Illinois state senator and his wife-Jane was the youngest of eight children.-Her mother died when she was two years old, and she was left to the care of her two older sisters.-His father was one of her biggest heros, she idolized him.-She suffered throughout her life from a painful curved spine that caused her to walk pigeon-toed.-After graduating from high school in 1877, she atttended Rockford Female Seminary.-Graduated from Rockford in 1881.-His father died during a vacation with the family in 1881, which left her devastated-She later attended Women’s Medical College of Philadelphia. But, due to the back pain she had suffered all her life flared up, she was forced to undergo back surgery.-During her lengthy recovery, Addams toured Europe with her stepmother. Throughout the trip she encounter the extreme levels of poverty.


-She establish Hull House, a settlement house on Chicago's south side, whose impact was far-reaching.-She was the first American woman awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1931.


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Jane Addams

She is most well known as the founder of Hull House in Chicago. But, she was also a prominent peace activist, campaigner for women's suffrage, and one of the intellectual leaders of the progressive movement.


Impact in Society

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Jane Addams contribution to society


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