Jan Van Eyck

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Jan Van Eyck

Jan Van Eycks birth is not really known, what people know is that he was born from 1395 but they dont know the exact date for sure. Van Eyck was a famous artist that painted many paintings. Van Eycks first painting was from 1427-29, that art piece is called the Ghent Altarpiece - singing angles. Jan Van Eyck was known as the "leading painter." One of his famous paintings people think its a self portrait. His death 1441.


* Born 1390* 1454 "The leading painter of his time" * 1435 "Madonna of Chancellor Rolin" * 1425 "Became into attention of Phillip the Good"* 1436 "Arnolfini Portrait painting"* Died 1441

- He had 15 paintings in 61 years - Ghent Altarpiece was started by his brother before he died and was finished by Jan- Giovanni Arnoldfini and his Wife was his most famous painting - Jan was one of the first painters to use one layer of tempra and then a layer of oil

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Jan Van Eyck




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