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Jamie Wyeth

After Jamie completed sixth grade, and at his own request, left formal schooling to be homeschooled and study art.

Jamie Wyeth

James Browning Wyeth is the the thirdgeneration of the Wyeth painters. James was born on July 6, 1946 in Wilmington, Delaware.He grew up in Wilmington and stil lives part of each year there.

He was seventeen in 1963, when he produced his first major piece of artwork called " Portrait of Shorty". That was when something very imprtant to U.S. history happened, when the 35th President of the U.S., John F. Kennedy was assinated. A couple years later, he made a painting of the President to honor him.

Jamie Wyeth had many famous pieces of artwork, for example: Portrait of Shorty painted in 1963, Root Cellar painted in 1966, Due North painted in 1967, and his portrait of JFK in 1967.

Most of his artwork was painting, and as you can tell by the names, Jamie went through different phases of interest. Jamie's inspiration to do art was his family. His father, grandfather, brother, his two aunts and his two uncles were also artists.

Jamie's masterpieces include a variety of paintings that were favorites when he first started off and are still favorites today.

By Madison Thorpe

"Portrait of John F. Kennedy"1967

"Due North"1967

"Root Celler"1966

"Portait of Shorty"1963


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