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Jamex Maxwell

James Maxwell, was born June, 13 1831 In the United Kingdom. He was a talented mathmatical physist. He wrote many books about different theorys that he either believed in, didn't believe in, or thought of. He wanted to represent electricity in its simplist form. He came out with his book about his theory of electricity, and magnetism in 1873. It was called "A Treatise on Electricity and Magnetism".He died in 1879, at the age of only 48.


1831 - Maxwell was born.1841 - Maxwell was sent to Edinburgh Academy.1847 - Mawell left the Academy, and started going to the University of Edinburgh.1851- He earned the nickname of " Senior Wrangler- Maker" after becoming a succesful mathmatician.1861 - Decovered first colored photo. 1865 - Maxwell published " A Dynamical Theory of the Electomagnetic field."1879 - Maxwell died.

Maxwell made electricity easier to understand for everyone, by showing it in its simplist form. Some of his other accomplishments include proving electomadnetic radiation existed, or creating the first colored photograph.

Lasting Impact

Maxwell showed us that the spectrum of electromagnetic radiation existed. Then we found how to use electromagnetic radiation. It now is used for things like radio, TV, radar, thermal imaging. and microwaves.

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James Maxwell


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