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Arrival of Africans:* arrived against their will* made it possible to expand the tobacco economy

Arrival of women:* settlers could establish families and a more permanent settlement

Reasons for English colonization in AmericaEngland wanted to establish an American colony to increase her wealth and power* silver and gold* raw materials* new markets for trade

Virginia House of Burgesses* the first elected legislative body in America giving settlers the opportunity to control their own government* It became the General Assembly of Virginia

Why did settlers choose the site at Jamestown?* could be easily defended from attack by sea* water along shore was deep enough for ships to dock* good supply of fresh water

Location* When the settlers arrived in 1607, Jamestown was located on a narrow peninsula bordered on 3 sides by the James River.* Today, Jamestown is located on an island in the James River.

Hardships faced by the settlers:* marshy site* lacked safe drinking water* lacked some skills necessary to provide for themselves* starvation and disease



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