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Jamestown People

John Rolfe introduced tobacco to Jamestown and married Pocahontas, the daughter of the Algonquin chief, Powhatan. After the death of Pocahontas in 1617, Rolfe remarried and held several positions within Virginia's colonial government.

JamestownPeople By: Abby Geis

George Cassen (or Cawsen) - Labor - died December 1607

Richard Frith - Gentleman -

Edward Maria Wingfield - Master, Councilor President - died 1638

Francys Nelson - Captain - died Winter 1612-1613

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Pocahantas was the daughter of Powhatan, the Pamunkey chief who ruled the confederation of Indian tribes surrounding Jamestown, and the wife of John Rolfe, a Jamestown settler. In 1616, she traveled with her husband and son to England, where she was celebrated as a symbol of the potential for English and Christian success in the New World. She died aboard ship en route back to America in 1617.

Captain John Smith

John Rolfe

John Smith was an English soldier and adventure, and Jamestown's most important figure during the colony's first two years. He joined an English brigade fighting for Dutch independence from the spanish, and he enlisted in an Austrian army fighting the Turks. He never returned to Virginia, but he later traveled to New England, and he also published several books and maps on the New World.

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