Jamestown Field Trip Smith

by gms3smith
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Social Studies

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Jamestown Field Trip Smith

That's me,there.

That is a yahaken and they are the Native Ameican homes. They are made of wood.. It was comfier than I expected. They were so comfy I almost fell asleep!

Indian Monument,that is.It is important because it celebrates the 300th anniversary of Jamestown!

Me and my friend Thomas areaboard the Susan Constant.

By Smith Hopper

The Susan Constant was the biggest ship of them all.

There were 2 other ships. Their names were Godspeed and Discovery.

This is the glass-making guy. The furnace he used was very hot. It is a very long process.

This is an English church.You had to go to church unless you were sick or hurt bad enough.

Field Trip ToJamestown



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