Jamestown Field Trip Callie

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Social Studies
American History

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Jamestown Field Trip Callie

The Jamestown Field Trip

These are the ships that the English used to get over the Atlantic Ocean.And the names were the Discovery, Susan Constant,Godspeed.

We learned that this was a part of a monument to celebrate the 300th anniversary of Jamestown.

Callie Adams

Ok this was a fun time here and one more thing this is a replica of a Indians tribe and the fence around it so no one can kill them.

Hi, this was our trip to Jamestown. Itwas where all the settlers came from England for a new life.

Hahahaha lol it was so much fun

This is a canoe that the Indians used thay made these canoe like this first thing thay find a log two thay berned the top and sceraped the top out with shells three thay carved patals and went to the river.



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