Jamestown Colony

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Jamestown Colony


Important Dates- May 1607: Jamestown was founded by The Virgina Company who was given a charter by King James 1.- September 1608: John Smith became the colony leader. He enforced a "no work, no food" policy and helped trade with the natives.- Winter of 1609: John Smith goes back to England for good. This was the start of the hardest time for the Jamestown colonists. At least 3/4 of the colony perished that winter and forced the colonists to nearly abandon the colony.- Spring 1610: Lord De La Warr arrives at the colony with supplies and around 150 more colonists.- Fall 1611: The colony grows it's first decent crop of corn.- April 1614: Marriage of John Rolfe and Pocahontas, this brought temporary peace between the colonists and the natives.- 1617: Pocahontas dies on a visit to England. 1618: Powhatan dies. After these two deaths relations between natives and colonists gets much worse.- 1619: The General Assembly was formed and the first Africans were brought to North American as identured sevents.- 1622: Powhatan's tribes are now run by his brother Opechankeno and they have their bigget assualt against Jamestown killing more 300 colonists.- 1624: King James 1 makes Jamestown a crown colony and dissolves the Virgina Company from the colony.- 1698: The central statehouse located in Jamestown burns down and in 1699 the capital of Virgina is moved to Williamsburg.

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