Jameses volcanic rocks

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Jameses volcanic rocks

Extrusive rocks are formed above or on the ground. They can even be formed in the air! But most extrusive rocks are formed on the after settling on the ground.

Natural gas rocks


Wrinkled Rocks

Volcanic Bombs

A Huge Sphere Volcanic Bomb

Pumice Rock

Obsidian Rock

Basalt Rock

Hexaganal Basalt

Wrinkled Rock

Intrusive rocks are formed inside a volcano or under the surface. It takes years for it to cool. In that time it forms large crystals. Andthe most common one is granite.

Basalt is the most common extrusive rock. Like most extrusive rocks it settles on the ground when it forms. When it settles it may settle into hexagonal collums.

Granite isn't just the most common intrusive rock it is th most common rock. In granite you mainly see the minerals quartz, feldspar, and mica. The main 3 kinds of granite is biolite which was tiny black grains of mica. Another kind of granite is graphite witch has quartz in it. Finally the last kind is pink granite witch has a lot of feldspar.

Volcanic Rocks

Chemicly pumice and obsidian are the same. But they have different texture. Pumice has holes because gas is traped inside of it and they burst out. Obsidian is smoth and glassy because therre are no gasses.

When blobs of lava shoot out of of a volcano they can haden in mid air When the rock is formed the rock is called a volcanic bom. It may come in many shapes. ut the most common is when it's shaped like a football.

Wrinkled rock got it's name from it's texture. But it dosn't just wrinkle. It gets it's wrinkled look because it hardens on the top before the inside. This couses the inside to move so it wrinkles


Diagram of a Volcano

Granite Rock

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