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james:brighter world

1. Pick up water with Flettner rotor.2. Get 2 high-pressure water jets.3. Figure out if the mist creates clouds and if they block the sun4. Fire mist up into the air.5. Place water under a microscope and measure the water.

iscovery channel."Discovery Project Earth: Discovery Channel: Science, History, Space, Tech, Sharks, News. 2010.Web.14 Dec. 2010.Jessica H. 12/16/10 11:53AM | reply | hide

Problem: The earth is using too much carbon which makes it heat upSolution: A robot boat that emits transformed sea water into clouds that block sun

1. They will collide 2 high-pressure water jets.2. Consider the concept of the Flettner rotor.3. Will the clouds block the sun.4. Fire the mist into the air5. They will measure the size of water particles.Christian B. 01/03/11 09:47AM | reply | hide

DescribeBrighter world's solution is a cloud boat. A boat that emits a cloud like solution that improves the protection from the sun on earth. This is like a form of sunscreen for earth, that reflects sunlight. If we use that then the protection from the clouds will improve by 2%.This works with future technology that allows the machine boat to absorb salt water to create a solution. This solution is fired into the sky making the clouds stronger. With stronger clouds we get the Sunscreen, literally. This sunscreen really blocks the sun from burning, creating more pleasant living conditions for the human race. Even that small 2% would play a major role. Some scientist believe that 2% could bring back the heat to what it was roughly 50 years agoChance B. 12/06/10 07:44PM | reply | hide

RelevenceGlobal Warming could affect the way we live, by the way we can travel, and what we can eat. If Global Warming continues there is a major possibility that there will be only a small amount of land for the future of mankind. Our children could die because of lacking land space. Global Warming affects everyone, you cannot escape it. On earth there is absolutely no way to escape.If Global warming continues more, and more animals will go extinct. How would you feel if dogs went extinct? If animals did not die out they would most likely loose their current habitat. Animals without a habitat, are likely to then die out.Eventually there would be unstable living conditions, whether deadly or uncomfortable, the outcome is not very good. You just need to know what global warming is so you can

Brighter World


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