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James Watt

James Watt was born in Greenock in Scotland, on 19 January 1736. As a boy, he enjoyed making models. In 1755 he went to London, however he did'nt stay there long. In 1757 James Watt moved to Glasgow. In 1764, James Watt mended a model of a Newcomen steam engine. It was not until 1769 that James Watt had a new idea, a separate condenser. James Watt married a woman named Margaret. They had 6 children but Margaret died after 9 years. Throughout the 1780s James Watt invented other improvements to the steam engine including a device which controlled the steam engines speed. In 1790 James Watt invented a pressure guage. Then, in 1785 James Watt was elected into the Royal Society. In 1800 he retired and then on 19th August 1819 James Watt dies.


James Watt is most famous for his improvement of the steam engine.Today, James Watt is considered the greatest contributor to the improvement of the steam engine.

Lasting Impact

His lasting impact was his improvments to the steam engine.


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19th january 1736 -james watt was born23 February 1764 -James Watt was given model of Newcomen engine1 January 1765 - Discovered a separate condensor23 February 1784 - Released his steam engine23 February 1785 - Elected into the Royal Society1 January 1819 - The 'watt' was named after him19 August 1819 - James Watt dies.

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