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James Watt

James Watt was born in Greenock in 1736. He was not a healthy child and was educated at home for most of his childhood years. His father was a carpenter and shipwright who set himself up in business as a merchant and ship owner. Watt liked to make models and repair tools in his father's workshop. In 1755 Watt went to London to be an scientific instrument maker. He caught on fast and mastered it in a year. In 1774, Watt started a business in Birmingham with investor Matthew Boulton to create an improved steam engine. The Boulton ' Watt Company produced steam engines that could be used anywhere, and demand for them was high. Watt and Boulton became leading people in the Indrustral Buisness. Watt continued to make adjustments to steam engines, and started other inventions, such as the rotary engine and a steam locomotive.


Born: Jan 19, 17361784- James Watt patented a steam engine.1790- Watt’s steam engine became the dominant design for all modern steam engines.

Inventing the Watt steam engine, which converted steam back to waterThe term 'horsepower'The rev counter.Developing a rotary engine which mechanised weaving, spinning and transport

Lasting Impact

James Watt improved the steam engine, and his improved version is what we use today. He also came up with the term 'Horsepower'


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James Watt


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