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James Thomas

All About Calcium

The atomic number of calcium is 20 and the atomic mass is 48.078 amu.Calcium has four isotopes, Ca-42, Ca-44, Ca-46 and Ca-48.The group number on the perodictable for calciam the periodic number is 4 and it belongs to the alkaline earth metal famailyThe chemical properties are that it reacts quickly to oxogen which forms calcium oxide it react fast to cold water and acids and nonmetal

and sulfur and phosphorus. The physical properties are that it is a soft metal the material becomes dull when reacting to oxygen, which turns it into a gray white color.Sir Humphrey David discovered it. He discovered it in 1808. Sir Humphrey David discovered alkaline earth metals. Born May of 1829-Died May of 1829.It is use to sell food because you can find it in all sorts of foods like vegetables. Calcium creates cell and bones for the body.Makes the body heathey.

The compounds are calcium chlorate, Calcium citrate and calcium silicate.


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