James Stewart - DEN Summer Institute 2011 - San Diego

by mrstewart
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James Stewart - DEN Summer Institute 2011 - San Diego

My biggest motivation to attend DEN SI 2011 is to network and learn alongside fellow cutting edge educators from across the country. Also, the fact that DEN has the best presenters that are educators who challenge how technology can be used to transform instruction to meet 21st century needs. Finally, the oppportunity to travel to the University of San Diego and all the resources the surrounding area has to offer is an invalulable education experience in and of itself. But all three together and I will experience the best professional growth as an educator that I will see over the entire year!

DEN Summer Institute 2011

I am an elementary technology teacher for Charlotte Public Schools, located in Charlotte, Michigan. I currently assist teachers at my elementary school on using Discovery Streaming videos and materials to enhance lessons with students.I am new to the DENLC for Michigan assisting on the Blog and planning DEN events. I am also the Director for Elementary Educators for MACUL (Michigan Computer-Users in Learning).I want to attend DENSI 2011 to connect with fellow DEN members across the country to better my contribution to DENLC Michigan.





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