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James Stark

The people we're super encouraged and outstanded by my speech. They thought that it was a big step to helping kids all over the world. They thought the speech was a little short but it got to the main point really quickly and the speech got to a lot of people quickly.

February 25, 1986 in Niagara Falls, NY when he was born. He went to scshool at Niagra Falls and to collage in Buffalo. He was drafted in the 6th round he was the 139 overal. He was the 2010 starting running back winning the super bowl. Now he works with a guy named Eddie Lacy and they both go aginst eachother to start but James Starks has been doing alot better.

James Stark


Just TheBeginning

Contact Info & Cost

You can contact me at JamesStarks.org. It will cost you some money because to get on the web page i give all the money to charities. If I don't get to you right away it's because I have a lot of fans

This speech is about not giving up and to always keep on trying. To know that you may not always be able to win or take that gold medal. To show you that with dedication comes greatness. With motivation becomes outstanding hardship and work. If you keep on trying you will someday reach your goal.


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