james snowboard halfpipe

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james snowboard halfpipe

Snowboard Halfpipe

First you go down the drop in hill. Next you go up on to the deck. Then start to go down the vertical slope and start to gain speed. After that when you get to the lip start doing your trick. Finally if you haven't fallen you do your last trick and wait till the judges give you your score.

How to Go Down The Run

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10 Best Snowboarders

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Scoring Points

The main way to score is to impress the judges. Ways to impress the judges are to do amazing stunts, fly high in the air, do stunts that the judges have never seen, and most importantly... DON'T FALL!

Board: It's a wide and flexable board that helps keep balance and helps do tricks. It also allows the boarder go backwards and forwards. Helmet:It's a hard plastic helmet that can be used in most snowboard events. For example Alpine, Halfpipe, and Snowboard Cross.Boots: Halfpipe boots allow ankle movment so you can make different monuvers. Plus there are rubber shock obsorbers.Also before every run the boarder waxes his board.

If you watch them in the olimpics you may think it's easy. But it's not because they do breath taking stunts. Plus they can't see the ground till the last second. Also look for them at South Korea in 2018




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