James Russell Lowell

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James Russell Lowell

• A Year's Life• Biglow Papers• The Cathedral• A Fable for Critics• The Vision of Sir Launfal• Conversations on Some of the Old Poets

Born on February 22, 1819. Lowell graduated from Harvard and took his degree in Law in 1838. However he did not persue it as a career. He married Maria White, a poet in 1844. She influenced him in his writing. He wrote many essays and poem concerning the ideas of slavery and The Mexican War. When she died it left him devastated and he lived in Italy and Germany for a year. He held a professorship for 20 years. His work was critical for the citizens to take action prior to the civil war. He died in 1891.

James Russell Lowell


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Graduated form Harvord Appointed minister of SpainAmbassador to Great BritainPresident of the Wordsword

Lowell's first wife, Maria White, was also a poet


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