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James Norman Hall

• Hall was a lance corporal machine gunner with Lord Kitchener's Volunteers• He was thrown into the worst of the early trench warfare especially in the Battle of Loos• He was one his company’s few survivors• He asked for leave when he found out that his father was dying, but he was discovered to be an American• He was dishonorably discharged• After staying with his father he moved back to Boston where he wrote his first book Kitchener's Mob• It was a successful pro-Allied book• From then on, publishers began to take an interest in Hall• Hall’s editor heard that an American Pursuit Squadron in the French Air Service was forming and he sent Hall to write about• Hall joined the Lafayette Escridlle N-124 instead of just writing about its formation• He became a pilot a few months later • He was shot down and wounded but rejoined the Lafayette Escridlle when he recovered• When the U.S. joined, he was made Captain of the U.S. Air Force and transferred to the 103 Aero Squadron and then transferred again to the 94th (Hat in the Ring Squadron) as a wing commander• While serving with the U.S. Air Force Hall met his friend Charles Nordhoff• In 1918 Hall was shot down behind the German lines and he spent the last six months of the war in a prison camp

• He was born in Colfax, Iowa on April 22nd, 1887• He did virtually everything that "Huckleberry Finn" did growing up• He went on many adventures and loved to explore• Moved to Boston, Massachusetts• He married Sarah Winchester Hall 1925 and had two children• Died in 1951

Service in WWI:


James Norman Hall

Hall and Nordhoff's Books:• In 1919 Hall and Nordhoff were given an advance from Harper’s to write travel articles• The two moved to Tahiti• In 1921 appeared their travel book Faery Lands of the South Seas • Hall continued with travel books and Nordhoff published novels• In 1929 Nordhoff's and Hall's book about flying, Falcons of France, was released to the public• The two started to write Mutiny on the Bounty, which was about charismatic Fletcher Christian and Captain William Bligh. • It was based upon factual events that had nearly been forgotten even though John Barrows had published an account of the mutiny many years before

Awards/Books:Awards: • Hall received many awards during his life• These included: the Croix de Guerre, five palms, many citations, the Médaille Militaire, the Légion d’Honneur, and the Distinguished Service CrossBooks:• Hall wrote many books during his lifetime• Some of these include: Kitchener's Mob, High Adventure, Faery Lands of the South Seas, Falcons of France, and Mutiny on the Bounty

Education/Early Life:Education: • He graduated from Colfax High School• He then went on to work in a haberdashery store• He used the money that he made there to help him pay for college• He attended Grinnell College• He graduated in 1910• He loved music and literature• His goal was to become a writer• He had already begun to write poems and essaysEarly Life:• He moved to Boston to better his writing skills• While there, he continued to take courses at Harvard to earn his Master’s Degree so he would have a backup plan in case he failed as a writer• He worked for the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children to pay for his education• In August 1914, WWI broke out• Hall quickly joined with the first 100,000 at Lord Kitchener's Volunteers with the 9th Royal Fusiliers as a Canadian• He did this because Americans were not allowed to join


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