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James' Mountains

Threats A good example of a threat to a mountain is the estern face of the Himalayas. It is being threatened by climate change and devolpment of the mountains. Consquently the natural habitat of huge populations animals, has been destroyed. This destruction amounts to 75% of their natural habitat. 163 species have now become threatened because of this. Some ways to conserve the Himalayas include; to create and enforce new and stricter building regulations, do not let construction take place in or around a speacial habitats - nesting grounds, hunting grounds e.t.c, and the usual threats for climate change, reduce our production of greenhouse gases and ozone harming gases like CFC's (Chlorofluorocarbons).Communities The Sherpa are a native community which survive at the base of Mount Everest in northeastern Nepal. They have a grand total of 45,000 people in their population. Both men and women where a long shirt as a first layer and a wollen garment, a bit like pants, as well. Then they were a very thick robe fastened with a sash used as a belt and knee high boots with animal hyde soles. The sherpa people also perform dramas which are accomnipied by a temple orchestra which is made up of many instruments including conch shells which are 3 metres long.Since Sherpas have lived in a harsh environment for so long they have made many adaptions to their local environment; they have shorter legs to make steep treks easier, they absorb more oxegen into there blood stream and ditribute it better because they need more oxegen to survive at such a great hight.

MountainsThe Peaks of the World

Some starting at sea level and rising, others starting higher up, mountains are amazing. They can reach thousands metres in height, or have a bubbling lava core. They can can have ancient civiliations or diverse ecosystems. They can be anything amazing, only higher up and better.

The following three examples are examples of significant Mountain tops around the world

Ancient civilisation, diverse ecosystems, and much, much more.

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North Face of Mt Eiger

Mt Everest

Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu Llamas

Caucasian Goat

Snow Leapord

Everest Tourism has changed Sherpas' Lives


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