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James Maxwell

James Maxwell's dad primarily took care of him because his mom died when he was eight. His first scientific paper, "Oval Curves" was written at the age of fourteen. Maxwell was quiet and antsy, he had only two friends in most of his school years,Lewis Campbell and Peter Guthrie Tait. He was the nerd kid who was bullied all the time until he exploded, and gained himself respect. He liked to learn extra outside of class, which helped him become a teacher later on in life. Maxwell's favorite and major subjects were math, physics, and philosophy.

1. Electromagnetism was James Maxwell's most famous discovery. Electromagnetism was connecting electricity and magnetism by their equal deep force. 2. He found that the temperature of a gas depended on the speed of its own atoms or molecules. 3. Along with number two, his Law of Thermodynamics is where heat flows from higher temperatures to lower temperature objects. 4. Maxwell also discovered that molecules in room temperature air collide 8 billion times a second. 5. He finally used math to find Saturn's ring's age and that they were made of small particles.

James Maxwell was born in Edinburgh Scotland, United Kingdom, on June 1, 1831. To be specific he loved on 14 Indiana Street.Maxwell died November 5, 1879, in Cambridge, England, United Kingdom.

When and Where?


James Maxwell's Childhood

Maxwell loved school and was pretty good at it. Just as a teen one of his geometry papers was shown at the Royal Society of Edinburgh. At the young age of 16 he started college at the University of Edinburgh. Maxwell tended to move to different colleges. After Edinburgh he attended Cambridge University's Trinity College, Marischal College, King's College, and back to Cambridge University's Trinity College. Several of those he also taught at.

Educational Background

James Maxwell married Katherine Mary Dewar. She happened to be Maxwell's college, Aberdeen University's, principal's daughter. As an adult Maxwell wrote books called, Dynamic Theory of the Electromagnetic Field, and A treatise on Electricity and Magnetism.

1. Adam Prize: for the theory of Saturn's rings made of particles.2. Rumford Medal3. Keith Prize4.Hopkins Prize5. Smith's Prize: Shared with Edward Routh for theoretical physics.6. Straiton Gold Medal: The highest prize in math.

Award Winning

Adult Life

Atomic Theory

Maxwell's main contribution to the Atomic Theory would have to be his founding of electromagnetism. In detail Maxwell used prior scientists' experiments on magnet in relation to electricity and improved it by figuring out that electromagnetic movement travels in waves at the speed of light.Along with number two, his Law of Thermodynamics is where heat flows from higher temperatures to lower temperature objects.

Famous Discoveries

* How long did it take you to discover all those discoveries?* How did you think of those ideas?* How did it feel to discover new things?



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