James Madison

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James Madison

The Virginia Plan is a plan to protect the larger states. It is for population.

James Madison was the chief recorder for the new Virginia government. He took lots of notes.

James Madison’s nickname for the convention was “Father of the Constitution.”Madison earned this nickname because he made a huge contribution to the creation of the Constitution.

James Madison defended the Constitution against powerful opponents.Madison made a huge contribution by writing the federalist essays with Jay and Hamilton.

James worked with Thomas Jefferson and became lifelong friends with him.

Madison played a major role in deliberations.Deliberation is a process for voting.

James Madison represented Orange County at Virginia Constitution Convention to organize a state government.

Madison became a Virginia delegate to Continental Congress in Philadelphia.

This video is going to show you a brief biography of James Madison’s life.

James Madison wasn’t in a war.

James wrote 29 of theFederalist Papers.

The Bill of rights became the first ten amendments to the United States constitution. The Bills Of Rights protect our rights.

James MadisonFounding father of the Constitution

James lost his bid for a seat in the Virginia Assembly.


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